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Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

What’s the story so far?

Samsung Company is releasing a new model early next year to be the next big thing for Samsung. We are nearly at the end of the year 2017, so the Samsung Galaxy might be in the market much sooner than rumors & news abroad. Here’s everything a Samsung Galaxy lover needs to know about Samsung Galaxy S9 including new features, specifications, price & launch date.

Well, there’s already no shortage of hype, so, if you are wondering what the new phone will look like, rest assured it’s something that’s being expected to cook up much-needed improvement over its predecessor. A new Samsung Galaxy flagship is expected to be announced in January & on sale in February, which is two months earlier than usual.

To your amazement, Samsung team has started to work on the Galaxy S9 back in the May 2017 when S8 just hit shelves a couple of months ago, so all the owners of S8 have to abdicate their thrones for the new one. It’s obviously hard to not feel excited about the next year’s Galaxies, and while you are in here you no longer need to wait and see on that front.

New features on the way

  1. The Good

The Galaxy S9 is going to supersede Samsung’s current flagship stock planned for a Q1 2018 arrival. For sure, it’s never a good thing for competitive phone makers to be blocked from accessing new technologies. With the launch of the S9, the S8 is expected to see drastic price reductions as an added advantage for a buyer like you.

The new model will run on Android v7.1. Operating system having a 6.0” display. The user will enjoy the new powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset powering things, dual front-facing camera, under-screen fingerprint reader, & much-loved 4mm headphone jack.

The phone is powered by an Octa-core processor with the battery having 3500 mAh. The front snapper is powered by an Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor and it enjoys the rear camera of 12 MP. The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 offers a new environment sensor to track air quality.

This time, Samsung Galaxy will boast an amazing foldable display; the company has been working on such as design for years and finally, they will be able to launch it in the market in 2018. A Samsung executive has told that the company plans to make so many changes in the months to come.

  1. The Bad

Samsung Galaxy S9, with 4 GB of RAM instead of 6GB unlike other modern Smartphones, is currently in the first few stages of production. Although the latest model is going to support modular accessories, sadly it’s going to miss out the primary feature of a fingerprint built into the screen.

How much will Samsung Galaxy S9 cost?

Samsung is arguably the most successful Android phone manufacturer of the year but it has a difficult task ahead in terms of price in the extremely competitive marketing atmosphere in 2017 – the iPhone X might hit Samsung’s sale hard. Nothing is 100% but the average price of Samsung Galaxy S9 is being expected to be around $1000 based on current projections.

When the Samsung Galaxy S8 was first released, it was pricey but it fell in price within a couple of months. But, it will be a disappointment to expect that the S9 will be at cheaper rates than S8. OK, well, it’s likely going to be frustrated to expect from Samsung to reduce the price of a new handset.

Come what may, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Samsung Galaxy is going to be an expensive Smartphone in 2017, so everybody won’t be able to afford it. The Samsung-lovers should be prepared to accept the fact that their upcoming model is surely expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S9 at a glance

Performance: Octa-core

Display: 6.0”

Battery: 3500 mAh

Storage: 64 GB

Camera: 12 MP


SIM slots: Dual SIM

Launch Date: January 2018

The rumors now coming fast & thick each day that passes, the information in this piece of writing has carefully been given so you’ll get the right idea about the upcoming model.

How will Samsung Galaxy S9 look like?

By all accounts and leaks, when talking about the overall appearance of its flagship, Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t going to come up with a whole new design in the first place. The rear glass of the device is going to stay prettily curved towards the aluminum frame of the handset to maintain the exquisiteness & making the phone gorgeous while holding in the hand. In two lines, no massive design changes are expected, if so, it might result in too high a price rise.

The latest news, updates, & leaks

The latest, news, updates & leaks indicate so many interesting & incredible facts & figures saying that the S9 will no longer be modular accessories supported and even missing out a fingerprint built into the screen. Other reports end in tow diverse opinion with 4 GB of Ram instead of 6GB.

Some are expecting this model to be at fewer rates than its previous model, but there are groups who strongly disagree with that. However, keeping in view the overall ideas, reports, reviews, facts & figures, we can easily conclude the average price as was stated above.

The latest news and rumors also suggest that the Galaxy S9 will finally come on the market in February and launched in January because Samsung is not going to make any undue delays this year. Some say January 2017 would be far too early for some good reasons.

Nobody knows, including the manufacturer itself, about everything that is going to happen with the Samsung Galaxy S9, hence the information in this article has been given on an average so you can learn a lot of new things about this new model.

Not much is known, some sources still claim that Samsung had begun working on Samsung GalaxyS9 since the launch of S8, so it is now ready to go but it’s not the time to release the product in 2017, which is meant for 2018. Just assume for a while, if the Samsung really started working the next model, it’s been now around six months.

What’s the expected date of release?

A January 2018 launch is generally expected if it is released at the earliest, but when speculating the maximum delayed release, then a March 2018 launch comes to the mind based on the previous history of Galaxies. Well, the latest news and rumors average out the launch in the later weeks of January as an announcement and the month of February as the marketing month of this new model.

As a matter of fact, nobody knows the exact date of the announcement about the release of the S9, however, going off what the provider used to do in the past can really help us with the nearly accurate conclusion. We can see that the Galaxy S8 was released in March the last year; therefore it’s easier to going through the Galaxy S9 roundabout a year later. Hence, it was not usual for the Galaxy S8 when taking a look at Galaxy S7.

The above figures and variations in releasing each year’s model of Samsung Galaxy make it possible to make a guess what months are likely to be announced as the release of S9.

A brief overview

You might be hearing rumors about Samsung Galaxy S9 with a lot of amazing as well as shocking news and rumors. One thing is for sure the upcoming model is likely going to cost you a fortune. When we consider the camera improvement on the Galaxy S8, we get to know a lot of new things that can help us to figure out for Samsung in dual lens setup on the Galaxy S9. What you are going to expect from this new model is given below:

  1. A trendy foldable screen

  2. A durable but smaller version of Galaxy

  3. A fingerprint sensor located inside the screen

  4. A higher priced handset than its previous version

  5. Dual-lens camera


Today is the age of technology where things change every next day. Times have changed so, have we! Failure to do so could mean lagging behind the rest of the world. The above information is not totally based on general perceptions; it’s a mixture of diverse news.

It is not that all the facts and figures stated above are based on the rumors abroad – coming from the mouths of those who love to move with the technology. Though you will learn the actual facts and figures in the right time of the launch of the model, hence it’s going to be excited when you’ve had a lot in your mind in advance.

Checking out reviews is a good approach to make choices but it is only possible once the product has been launched in the market. So, if you have never used any of Samsung products before, you can study the reviews about its last model Samsung Galaxy S8.

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