Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date

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Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

Whether Samsung will follow the same traditional approach or something new & exciting for their Galaxy-lovers is not yet sure, but it’s being expected that the Galaxy S9 could blow all its previous models out of the water. What you need to know in advance about Samsung Galaxy S9 is the release date, price & important features.

A Samsung patent suggests that the new Galaxy S9 might leave out the headphone port making the fans in an unhappy state! The Samsung Galaxy S9 could be in the market in January 2018 or not, nobody can say with an absolute certainty hence here’s an average review based on some authentic, latest news on the Galaxy S9 including price, specs, launch date & new features.

Release date

The hotly anticipated Smartphone will be purportedly launched at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in January 2017 and it will be available for sale in February 2018. Let’s begin with what you need to know about S9.

As is always, no sooner does the new model of Samsung Galaxy appears, there are always those looking forward the successor thinking of an imagined name & even model number. A new patent said revealing details of the innovative handset that the S9 is likely to be launched in the month earlier than the S8 previous year.

According to a Samsung official, a new Samsung Galaxy flagship will be launched in January 2018 and on sale in February 2018. Gone are the days when manufacturers kept everything secret, but now, everywhere there are rumors, news, and updates including websites, blogs, & social media sites.

What we need to see is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ were launched on March 29, 2017, it was later than usual, so keeping in view this, and it is safe to expect the release date to be in the first three months maximally – mostly January to February.


The latest leaks suggest that the new model is said to be used in more ways than one & it might do way with dearly loved 3.5mm headphone jack. A lot comes out from leaked photos, renders, and concept images. The next generation phone is not going to wait for big trade shows to be announced there.

With the latest addition of an under-screen fingerprint & dual-facing cameras, the Samsung S9 can be the next big thing for Samsung lovers. A bevy rumors shared online reveal that the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 will support modular accessories & ditch the 3.5mm headphone port.

Well, the Galaxy fans do not look cool with the latest rumor causing uncertainty about the inclusion and exclusion of the 3.5mm port.

Latest updates about Samsung Galaxy S9

Nothing can be said on pricing for the S9 and S9+. If we compare it with the S9 thinking of some same features, it’s going to cost the user more than $1200.

Face ID-Style tech is a feature that the company is going to borrow from the iPhone. All the features will be of its own except this only one that will be borrowed.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will ditch the headphone jack. The essence of leaks suggests that the company will add a screen fingerprint sensor that will supersede all the screen features that came with the previous Samsung headsets.

There’s news abroad that the 3.5mm jack will be ditched and that the fans are not happy about that. Much has come from social media sites as well. This time, the Galaxy S9 will boast rear panel that is not a feature in S8.

There’s also talk that the upcoming model will ditch the rear facing finger sensor. Like Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9 will come with the special feature of a dual camera setup. It is generally believed that the new handset is going to copy the iPhone’s baked-in Face ID-Style tech.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will reportedly ditch the fingerprint scanner entirely according to some new claims and rumors on social media sites. However, a reliable source said with absolute certainty that the Samsung S9 is not going to come with any fingerprint scanner. Accordingly to another speculation, the Galaxy S9 will be the first with a screen embedded sensor features.

The handset is going to own neural engine and that the Samsung company has benefitted from a startup from China so-called neural network compression technology. Neural language processing, & instantaneous speech recognition could be part of Samsung S9 in the time to come. With the addition of that technology, the new flagship will be able to improve its AI capabilities.


The above information is based on rumors, talks, & some authentic news as well. It’s not all about finding in the air! The aim is to check out the facts and figures that can be presented in advance in front of those who love to buy each version of Samsung Galaxy no later than it releases from the Samsung Company. Samsung S8, which has been in use for around a year now, so the fans are eager to learn news and updates to get an imagined sketch of the features and shape of their new venture in the next year 2018.

If you are one of those freaks who love Samsung Galaxy series, you must have enjoyed the above updates and speculations in advance. You might be now in a better position than you were - before reading all that stuff in a nutshell. The above information has carefully given and all the information which seemed dubious or less likely to take place has been left out. So, if someone likes to know about Samsung S9 nearer to the facts, they can read this brief piece of writing.

Special attention is being paid on the display panel for the Galaxy S9 & S9+ and that a special team of engineers has started the work on this. Let’s see what happens in the time to come. Well, a freak like you needs to have a lot of patience. Hopefully, Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to delight their lovers as always! That’s about it, for now.

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