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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Full specifications, price, pros & cons

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge having curved edge Super AMOLED 5.6-inch touchscreen display, Quad-Core 2.7 GHz CUP, CMOS 16 MP main camera - resolution & fingerprint scanner, available in white & blue color has become eye candy for the dedicated fans of Samsung company. The Galaxy Note Edge provides users with spacious memory, a phablet with a curvy side, & powerful processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which is also famous as Samsung N915K/N915L/N9155, Samsung N915FY & Samsung N915G, is built-in 3 MP Selfie camera, 3 GB RAM, Android OS & Micro-SIM. Other key features include its revolutionary design, distinguished display, compressed in height, great in width, & 3000mAh power bank.

The Note Edge, the company’s most revolutionary handset by far, was unveiled in a Samsung press conference on Sep 2014. The phablet’s exclusive curved Edge screen offers a new way to gain access to each option & every activity. Without a doubt, the device has so far received immense appreciation from the masses from all around the world.

Design & Style

Galaxy Note Edge’s unique design lets you express the tastes & personality of the users by engaging with the phone with a new trendier way than ever before. This Note is all around with a bigger; better screen than previous notes with the expandable storage around 64 GB through a Micro SD card. Great sunlight visibility, display quality, and all the software & hardware specifications can stand up top!

The Galaxy Note Edge in its unique design & style looks a real winner among all the other Smart Phones such as Apple, LG & so on. The note is, for sure, drawing the attention of all the technologies at an international level; this means there’s something in!

Samsung Company is known for its power to experiment with their products, Galaxy Note Edge is one of the best examples whether it is about Quad HD Super AMOLED Display or Advanced S-Pend.

The Note packs with 32 GB internal storage, 3GB of RAM, & 2.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. It operates Android 4.4 with the measurement of 151.130x82.40x8.30, 3000mAh removable battery, & 174 gm weight. The user can stay updated without touching the main screen due to the edge.

Its battery life is an absolute gem, slimmer, lighter but longer – anything else comes secondary! With the handset’s unbeatable edge screen, access to regularly used apps, message, notes, alerts, notifications, & videos all are manageable with the swipe of a thumb, and for this, the user does not need to uncover the device.


As far cameras, Galaxy Note Edge is built-in a 3.7-megapixel front selfie shooter, & 16-megapixel back camera. The user can enjoy LED in a trendier way than ever before! By all accounts from different areas around the globe, Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most promising phablets when talking about the quality, durability, and functionality of cameras.


  • The phone accepts a Micro-SIM despite being a single SIM phone.

  • Some of the other exclusive pros comprise an excellent camera, unique curved screen, longer battery life, incredible performance & S-Pen stylus.

  • To your amazement, the phone’s battery will just take 1.5 hours to get fully charged and then, it will last for more than minimally 24 hours –even more depending on the use.


  • The Galaxy Note Edge is a single SIM GSM Smart Phone.

  • The note is not able to get benefit from the screen so far.

  • Other cons include high price, unwieldy & bulky.

Connectivity Options

  • Wi-Fi standards supported

  • Bluetooth

  • Infrared


  • Headphones 3.5 mm

  • GPS

  • NFC

  • 3G

  • 4G/LTE

Sensors on the Note

  • Proximity Sensor

  • Ambient light Sensor

  • Temperature sensor

  • Accelerometer

  • Gyroscope

  • Barometer

  • Compass Magnetometer

Specifications at a glance

Operating System: Android 4.4

Processor: 2.7GHz quad-core

Internal Storage: 32GB

Expendable Storage: 64 GB, Micro SD

Dimension: 151.30 x 82.40 x 8.30 mm

Resolution: 1600 x 2560 pixels

Screen: Touch screen (5.6-inch)

Weight: 174 gram

Colors: White &Black

Release Date: September 3, 2014


For sure, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is world’s 1st Smart Phone coming with curved edge display, its price on Amazon starts from around $940. However, the market price of the Note may vary in different countries and different online stores.

An overview of Samsung Note Edge

The Galaxy Note Edge despite some cons can be an ultimate challenge for app & a perfect device for those who love the latest gadgets. The phone comes with fabulous hardware & software specifications & features. The clients especially express their heartfelt satisfaction over its battery’s efficiency compared to other Smartphones currently available in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge looks very appealing with its curved screen, a feature that has never been introduced by any Smart Phone manufacturing company yet. Samsung’s fantastic phone started to be sold like a hot cake since the first day of its introduction. Some users add that its expandable memory is more than 64 GB.

So, the users in the majority are like, “Thanks to Samsung, it is really great to use”! The study of the reviews and comments gives an overall impression that the device is something that Smart Phone fans have been looking for, and now that, when it is in their hands, they are very happy with the performance despite some high-price concerns as well.

It’s time to pay regards to the company’s revolutionary phone so far, credit should be given where it is due regardless of anything else. It is safe to say that Samsung Galaxy Not Edge is just a gift for those who are in love with gadgets that they can use with great comfort and absolute trust anywhere from around the world.

One of the best parts of the device is that it offers the users with a new kind of way to engage in any option, access information, & put across their individual prestige & tastes. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is breathtaking with the best features that a user wants on their phone. For those who are looking for all the latest features & functions, Galaxy Note Edge can be a better choice than ever.


Quad HD Super AMOLED Display offers the great paint diffusion & fabulous disparity making the user realize the non-stop & appealing colors in a way that the user is watching and feeling everything in reality. The top-quality resolution optimized for e-booking & web-browsing delivers wonderful, eye-catching view.

Advanced Camera

Front & rear camera allows the user to shoot clearer & brighter photos & videos at the drop of a hat. A 16 MP Smart OIS back camera & a 3.7 MP front camera boasts amazing outcome to capture your life’s happy events, occasions & moments without caring for adequate room light.

Advanced S-Pen

Galaxy Note Edges comes with the advanced S-Pen that boasts a better real manual writing approach via increased stress compassion. Enhance your digital handwriting experience using the more detailed expression.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge offers you a quite trendy approach towards data, get busy with your gadget, and articulate your passions & individuality. The phone is unique with amazing features & incredible specifications.

Above all, it is the first pone with the curved screen making it look really very appealing. Samsung has taken the designing concept seriously in the recent years, for example, you can receive notifications directly on the Edge screen for the first time in the history of Smart Phones.

The Note is more extensive & costly than the Note 4. It is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a masterpiece Android phablet from Samsung Electronics. Presenting a completely new design, style, functions, & features, it can offer the buyer the best value for their money.

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